How To Ask For A Raise

At Last! A Set Of Proven Strategies That Will Get You A Pay Raise At Work, 100% Guaranteed!

Hello, and Welcome! —

Do you have the feeling that you should be making more money at work? ... Are you getting frustrated that you work so hard, but you're not paid enough? ... Are you getting fed up and are you ready to do something about it?

Think of my "how to ask for a raise" strategy as a comprehensive game-plan with a lot of good individual plays. It's packed with professional, intelligent business language and proven corporate tactics that will get you the pay raise you want and deserve. You are going to learn to emphasize your strengths and stick up for yourself — so you get the money!

You'll learn exactly what to do and exactly
what to say
to get a raise at work ...

I promise, you will get more and more excited about this as you read it!

... A Full Explanation Of Exactly What You Need To Say To Get Yourself A Pay Raise AND stay on GOOD TERMS With Your Boss

You'll learn the best comebacks and rebuttals to their excuses like these:

  • You Haven't Been Here Long Enough
  • We Have Company Policies In Place
  • Giving You a Raise Would Not Be Fair To Others
  • It Hasn't Been Long Enough Since Your Last Raise
  • We Can't Afford It
  • And other excuses you are likely to hear ...


What if you were confident and prepared to overcome their excuses?

You'd be more likely to Get the Raise ... wouldn't you?

Are You Ready To Ask For A Raise?

  Right now, you can have instant access to 24 perfect word-for-word "raise request" pitches for when you make your case to your boss, manager or Human Resources (HR). These pitches will have them saying YES!

  Learn How to collect your "proof," print it out beautifully using the included templates and present it in an organized binder that will impress them!

  Instant download of 12 different letters / email templates (in Microsfot Word and .txt format) that you can use to ask for a raise. PROVEN EFFECTIVE since the 1980s, and updated for today's modern business world.

  How to "package and spin" your accomplishments to make them seem bigger and better — even if you have recently messed up on the job.

  3 practical examples (case studies) of how other people have successfully prepared for, then got the raise they asked for — using this system.

  How to figure out at what time of day & what time of month your boss is going to be
most receptive to your case.

  A planning calendar that shows you exactly what you should do and when (In Microsoft Excel and .txt format)

  A set of detailed, intelligent "fill in the blanks" self-assesement practise exercises and and strategy planning templates. You'll be totally prepared!

" ... Imagine Yourself In A Vivid Scene Where You ASK FOR and GET the PAY RAISE you want ... It's So Possible!!
– Keep Reading ..."

  How to be assertive without being aggressive.

  43 negotiating "gambits" for you to leverage & use to stick up for yourself.

  Extensive negotiation training with word-for-for arguments you can make and comebacks to use to beat their excuses you are likely to hear — even in a bad economy!

  27 discreet "private investigator" inspired methods to find out exactly what you should be making, both within your company, and externally in your industry at large.

  Street-smart telephone tactics for looking at your salary "comps" -- just like when you look at comparable home prices with a real estate agent.

  7 subtle, "under the radar" interrogation approaches for getting salary information out of your co-workers — the smart way.

  At least a dozen different Salary Calculators to show what you SHOULD be making. You'll have concrete PROOF.

"I am much calmer and less nervous about the whole idea."

"I am only 3 days into applying your techniques and I already notice improvement in the anxiety I was having when thinking about a meeting with Human Resources. Just the thought of some of these conversations would give me butterflies.

Now I am feeling much calmer and less nervous about the whole idea. Your materials have been a huge help to me. As I collect all the proof I am getting more and more confident every day ... I guess I have proved it to MYSELF that I DO deserve a raise. :)

I am happy to write this for you Bob"

Marney Mehndelson, Wellington, New Zealand, June 21, 2011

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"... Everything You Will Ever Need To Successfully
Ask For A Raise Is Here For You In One Place ...
And You Can Have Instant Access Right Now!"

  How you should decide if you should ask for a 5%, 10%, or 25% pay increase, plus how to justify the percentage using real-world proof ...

  Why you should ALWAYS negotiate, no matter what!

  "Dare to Dream" system to charge up your motivation.

  How to think through your options concerning your current job, your salary, and your overall career trajectory.

  How to determine for yourself what you want more than anything else -- more about your LIFE than your "job."

  How to control your internal feelings and emotions and maintain a professional image.

  How to understand the process of asking for a raise as "an emotional experience" and how to harden yourself from criticism, and keep your ego out of it.

  Temper flare: What to do if you get in a bad position in the discussion.

  I show you how to focus on the relationship, and avoid bad interpersonal dynamics.

"... Learn The 'Winning Mind-Set' Of
How To Ask For A Raise ..."

  Stop worrying about bills and Increase your salary to fill your checking acount with
more $$$ dollars
every month. Have more spending money and live a richer life.

  How to grow your network to get powerful people to come to your defense.

  The mind-set and behaviors you need to break through to the "Top Money Earners" level — other people are making that much coin, and you're just as good, if not better. Don't sell yourself short.

  How to realistically evaluate your leverage — can you be replaced? If so, find out the four (4) secrets to becoming "irreplaceable."

  7 hypnotic techniques to get your boss to love you and value your presence. (proven psychological studies.)

  How to overcome your fears that may be holding you back. Learn an exercise to increase your confidence INSTANTLY, no matter what situation you are in.

"I got a raise AND more days off!"

"Dear Bob,

I wanted to give you an update on your system that I purchased from you about three weeks ago.

I bought it on a whim because my performance review was coming up and I knew it would be good.

During the review I made a point of noting all of my positive feedback. And then I used all of their statements as reasons why I should get a raise, like it says to do in your book. They did not give me everything I asked for, but I did negotiate extra days off, just as you suggested!

So, I got a 7% merit increase AND I can take off one extra friday per month, and it does not count against my vacation days. I can't believe it! I would have never thought of that. Thank you."

Trevor McClure, Summerland, Nevada, May 27, 2011

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"... Asking For A Raise Is Easy With This Proven System! ..."

  You'll learn how to create your "Plan A," "Plan B," and "Fallback Plan".

  Should you threaten to Quit?

  How to subtly indicate that you might have to leave the company if you don't get what you want ...

  How HR people will try to trick you into disclosing the salary increase amount you want (% or dollar amount) before you have made your case and your most convincing closing arguments. You'll easily counter their move.

  The formula the world's most successful people use to gain influence and respect.

"... How To Collect Your "Proof," Print It Out Beautifully
And Present It In An Organized Way ..."

  Keys to creative thinking that can change your whole outlook virtually overnight. It's your CONFIDENCE and your PROOF that you will get you the raise. Learn how to build both.

  A simple tactic for approaching difficult conversations without alienating your employer or co-workers.

  Avoiding becoming a talented person that never succeeds.

  A sociological rule based on ape / monkey behavior that can make or break your success at work.

  How to make sure you're living YOUR dreams and not letting other people influence or push on to you their vision of what your dreams should be.

  A strategic plan to create momentum behind your projects, so that you can shine and be respected for your accomplishments.

  And much, much more ...


Career Experts Agree: If You Come Prepared, You'll Get The Raise.

These negotiation tactics are fully explained:

"The negotiating techniques are solid."

"I have to say I was very skeptical in the beginning as I am an experienced professional accustomed to negotiating contracts with our suppliers. However, the points on your website concerning salary negotiation intrigued me and I took a chance and downloaded it.

Your in depth section on negotiating exceeded my expectations. Bob, it is clear that you put a lot of thought and research (first hand experience?) into the outstanding comebacks and rebuttals that can be used to counter arguments against increasing compensation. Brilliant work."

Walter Crane, Liverpool, UK, June 8, 2011

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Let's Review What You Get:

The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase

Your Fast-Track Roadmap To A Raise™ — (instant download)

Use this Guide to build and re-enforce your attitude of confidently EXPECTING to succeed!

This is the foundation of the program. Inside is just about everything you would ever need for preparing for and then successfully asking for a pay raise.

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  Special 40% Discount!

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You Will Have Instant Download Access To Everything In Less Than 2 Minutes.
Request a refund for any reason up to 60 days later if you are not 100% satisfied!


Also included (free) with your order:

Understanding The Reasons Why You Get Nervous

Understanding The Reasons
Why You Get Nervous

Control Your Nerves And Stay Confident
(instant download)

This 1,800 word Report teaches you to understand why you get nervous, and offers a "A Quick And Simple 9-Step Exercise You Can Do That Will Calm Your Nerves Every Time."

Read More About This Report

Sweating. Butterflies. Shakiness. Tight throat. Fast pulse.These are uncomfortable symptoms that impact your confidence level at a time when confidence is crucial.

Controlling these symptoms begins with an understanding of the reasons why you get nervous when thinking about asking for a raise. You'll learn to stop nervousnous, and control your emootions. This 1,800 word Report teaches you to understand why you get nervous, and offers a "A Quick And Simple 9-Step Exercise You Can Do That Will Calm Your Nerves Every Time."

Don't Forget The Pre-Written Templates & Letters:

In Microsoft Word and .txt format,
ready for you to edit, print and present!

Letters, Planning Tools, Templates, and Emails

Organize Your Proof & Make Your Case
(instant download)

Over 24 tools, templates, worksheets and
pre-written letters and emails that look beautiful once you have customized them and printed them out. Just fill in the blanks and you'll have the perfect arguments for a pay raise, your proof will be organized and presentable, and you'll have the perfect comebacks to counter any objections! Get a raise to add more $$$ to your checking account.

Here Is A Sample of the Templates &
Letters You Get:

You Also Get Five Free Bonuses:
(see below)


"I have a tremendous advantage over my co-workers."

"I had never heard of anything like this. I mean the strategies that you outline and the different types of "proof" to collect, and the step by step instructions for creating the binder and making the presentation.

I have not gone into to meet with my manager yet, but I know I have a tremendous advantage over my co-workers and I am going to get the promotion because I will be be far better prepared than they will. Also, the letters are great. I have already used parts of them as emails. Thanks."

Petra Papadopoulos, San Francisco, CA June 17, 2011

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How much is getting a raise worth to you?

Let's look at the math:

If you get a raise of just $4 more dollars an hour,
that's an extra $8,000.00 per year.

Or you make a yearly salary — How would you like to add an extra $16,000.00 to that?

Think of the cash. Think of the extra money you'll have. The money you deserve. Get a raise and you'll feel better about yourself, and your job too. More cash in your pocket every weekend ... imagine that. What else would you buy?

And what about the hours you'll save because I've done all the preparation work for you?

... Go ahead and try my Guide — and you can return it if you don't like it!

Your Money-Back Guarantee:

If you like the idea of getting paid more at your current job, then at least give
The Roadmap™ a try. I promise you and I personally guarantee it will work for you.

Try it for 8 full weeks. Check out the Guide. Examine the worksheets. Evaluate the strategies. Then go for it! If you don't get a pay raise within 60 days — or if you simply don't like my materials for any reason whatsoeversimply ask for a refund and you'll get 100% of your money back on the spot, instantly re-credited back to your card or paypal account.

Better yet: in the unlikely event that you decide to return this product for a full refund, you can keep the software and all of the sample letters, worksheets, templates and punch-lists. It' s my way of thanking you for at least trying everything I've put together for you. I trust your honesty.


If You Like The Idea Of Getting Paid More At Your Current Job, Then At Least Give My Package A Try. It's Got A True Money-Back Guarantee ... And It Also Comes With The Following Four (4) Free Bonuses ...


A $27.00 value -

Free Bonus #1: Memory Improvement

3 of the best Memory Improvement books condensed into 2 extra-strength .pdf Guides (over 81 total pages).

Learn the "Flash Memorization" technique, plus every other trick and device you could possibly know for developing a perfect memory. Never forget the names of people you meet. Create mental running lists of hundreds of "to do" items without missing a single one. Remember everything you read, hear, see or need to do -- like returning videos, paying bills, picking up your dry cleaning, etc.


    A $14.95 value -

Free Bonus #2: Achieve Your Goals

Reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

This is an AWESOME goal planning tool! I personally recommend that EVERYONE use this Workbook, whether you are going for a pay raise or not. The easy, "fill in the blanks" format will guide you step-by-step in determining what your heart wants, what you really want out of life, where you want to be in 5 years, and which job is likely to be the best job for you. I very much recommend you spend some time with this Workbook!



A $19.95 value -

Free Bonus #3: Think And Grow Rich

Reap The Benefits, Starting Now.

You get Napoleon Hill's classic "Think & Grow Rich" -- Absolutely Free! ... This 175 page eBook is the definitive manual to programming your mind to take specific, step-by-step actions that will make you wealthy. This best-seller has sold millions of copies and has been translated into 26 different languages. It's yours FREE when you try the Roadmap™ now.


A $19.95 value -

Free Bonus #4: A Life On Fire

Reclaim the Passion In Your Life.

In this collection of in depth interviews with some of the most successful, brilliant authors and speakers of our time, you have one of the best and most effective ways to get aligned with your life purpose -- and reignite the passion inside of you. If you haven't heard of Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Robert G. Allen, or Steven R. Covey then get ready to have your mind expanded! This 116 page treasure trove is yours now. I personally believe that the Brian Tracy interview alone is worth the price of the entire package you are about to order. Get excited.



  You get everything for only $29.90.

If you're feeling stuck, you've GOT to try something new. You will be fascinated by just how powerful and effective
these strategies really are.
Try it now and get Instant Download Access.

  Today you can get your hands on the complete package for $49.95 only $29.90. This is a low price — much less than you'd pay for a single tank of gas. Don't wait ... everything you need is here for you in one place, right now.

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You'll be referring to these materials over and over again. You are going to feel MORE confidence and you will start earning MORE cash. I promise you this, and guarantee it. Use my tools to create some self-promotion you can be proud of ... You are going to get the raise!


Bob Firestone (at)

P.S. Try it right now. Check out the Guide. Examine the Letters. Play with the software. If you don't like my materials for any reason whatsoever, you have up to 60 days to request an instant 100% refund. Congratulations on making the smart decision to invest in yourself.

"I knew I deserved more, but I wasn't sure
how to ask ..."

"With your package I negotiated a raise that gets me $12,000 more per year!! It could not have come at a better time for me. Thank you so much for a great product!"

Sandra Bellefonte, Receiving Supervisor, Orange, CA, August 27 2011

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